Word of Life Bible Institute - Canada

Word of Life Bible Institute - Canada

Alumni Reunion May 16 / 17  2014

Join your friends from the BI for wings and conversation Friday May 16 from 7 to 11 pm and/or for brunch Saturday May 17 at 11 am in the dining room. Come see what's new on campus since you were last here. Let us know you are coming at info@wol.ca. We are looking forward to hearing what God is doing in and through you!


Ministry Week 2013 - Open Air Evangelism

October 7-10 saw our students on the streets of Hamilton and Brantford in Southern Ontario, sharing the gospel with complete strangers. Word of Life also partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship at the Norfolk County Fair, teaching children about God’s love.  Students had to step out of their comfort zone to make Christ’s message of hope and salvation known. Some of the students shared what they have learned from this week of ministry:

“I really can’t do very much, actually nothing, without Christ.”

 “I realized that I can’t share the Gospel, and that it is by GOD’s strength alone that I managed to get anywhere. I have been shown that I still have much to improve on.”

“I really realized how evangelism is not an event, I need to be looking and praying for opportunities all the time.”

“God works, we just have to be faithful.”

Lives are always changed when the Word of God goes out. Many people were impacted by the students’ testimony and ministry on the streets. Over 600 individuals heard the entire gospel and over 200 walked away with New Testaments in hand. At the Norfolk County Fair, at least 1,000 children learned that Jesus came to this earth to save them from their sins.  Overall, 16 people trusted Christ for salvation, including one woman who was planning to commit suicide that very day she heard the gospel. We are praising God for the way in which He work in the lives of the students and those whose lives have been forever changed by His grace.