Early Confirmation scholarship

Students who apply, are accepted, and submit a $250 confirmation fee prior to the following dates will receive the allotted scholarship towards their tuition.

  • October 28- $750
  • November 28- $600
  • December 28- $550
  • January 28- $500
  • February 28- $450
  • March 28- $400
  • April 28- $300
  • May 28- $200
  • June 28- $100



 Director’s Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to assist Canadian
students who can document significant financial need for which there is no known or foreseeable resolution.

(Deadline to apply for this scholarship is August 1)



 Teens Involved

Scholarships are available to students who compete and place either first, second or third in the Word of Life National Teens Involved Competition. In order to receive this scholarship, the applicant must send copies of his/her T.I. Scholarship Award Certificates to the Financial Aid Office.

1st Place:    $300.00
2nd Place:   $150.00
3rd Place:      $75.00
Maximum allowed is $3,500.00 for combination of Creative Discipleship and Teens Involved.



 Resident Assistant        

Word of Life Bible Institute offers several scholarships each year of $600 per academic semester to students who demonstrate spiritual maturity and leadership abilities. These scholarships are for the position of Resident Assistant. Resident Assistants are responsible for overseeing student life in the dorms, for enforcing standards and regulations, for supervising specific work assignments, and for assuming other leadership roles associated with campus life.



 Wyrtzen Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is intended to assist students who would be unable to pay their tuition without financial assistance and have demonstrated outstanding Christian Character and academic ability. Applications are accepted in the fall of your 1st or 2nd year of attendance at the Word of Life Bible Institute. Funds are limited, so apply early.



 John MacQueen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to benefit a student who has served on 3ten (SMT) staff at Owen Sound and attends the WOLBI campus there. The Deans Office will review applications for approval. Amount awarded varies.



 Alumni Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded to a dependant or sibling of a graduate of a Word of Life Bible Institute. The scholarship is in the amount of $600 and is only redeemable at our Canadian campus.



 Alumni Discount

If you know of someone who has graduated from our one year program they are able to give you a $200 voucher to send in with your application. Please see the Alumni for more details!



 3Ten (Formally known as SMT)                             

Any incoming student who has worked a full summer at either Word of Life Canada, Word of Life Ranch, Word of Life Island, Word of Life Campground, Word of Life Inn or Word of Life Florida can apply for this scholarship. Please contact the Admissions Department for more details.




 Christian Worker’s Dependent                                   

This scholarship is designed for students who are children of either Pastors or Missionaries. The awards vary from $600 to $1,800 per year.



 Creative Discipleship                                                      

Scholarships are awarded by Word of Life Student Ministries to individuals who successfully completed the Creative Discipleship Course. In order to receive this scholarship, the applicant must send his/her scholarship forms to the Financial Aid Office.
1st Year:   $500.00   4th Year:  $500.00
2nd Year:  $500.00   5th Year:  $500.00
3rd Year:   $500.00   6th Year:  $500.00




 Academic Scholarship

This scholarship is given to Second Year Students ONLY (Schroon Lake campus, NY). The amount of the scholarship will be calculated by the Financial Aid office and automatically applied toward the Fall tuition. You can figure the amount of the
scholarship by taking your GPA and multiplying it by $75.



 Summer Institute of Camping (SIC) Scholarship

For Second Year students who are returning to the same WOL camp property they worked at to
complete their first year summer ministry
requirement. The value is $2000 if the student held a
leadership position at camp, and $1000 for other positions held. Maximum of $5000 is available for our Canadian campus.