Real stories from real students about how WOLBI impacted them!
  • The discipleship program has had a huge impact on me. I’ve been able to meet one on one with a more mature Christian who wants to pour into my life and help me grow in my relationship with God. It has challenged me, and helped me draw closer to God.

  • Directors Chapel with Scott Foreman with his 2 sessions on Dating and Relationships helped me realize several things I was doing that were not biblical. It helped me out a lot. Hanging out with the guys in the kitchen is awesome! I appreciate all they do for us; they’re great friends.

  • For me the book of Deuteronomy was always the most boring book of the Bible. But studying it during the Quiet Time helped me to understand that even if when we don’t like the place that God placed me, this is His will it’s the best for me and His glory.

  • I have been challenged to not just focus on the daily grind, but to also rest in God. My discipler has really helped me practically and I have learned a lot of God’s Word.

  • Courses like Theology and OT Bible Survey showed me that there are truly interesting ways to get into God’s Word, and the professors and all the guests lecturers were awesome! The people behind the scenes keep the Bible Institute running smoothly, all serving the Lord with joy, dedication and sincerity.

  • Here at Word of Life, God has blessed me with a team on staff that work together and are always willing to help me when I have questions. Here at Word of Life, God has opened my eyes on how to view relationships. I’ve learned the Biblical Principles and how to apply them to my daily life and relationship views. Here at Word of Life, God has been slowly teaching me how to be a humble man of God. In our Bible Survey class Mr. Ward has been able to increase my understanding of the Old Testament and create a passion to learn more about God’s plan.