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Campus Days

If you are interested in visiting our campus in person or meeting with us for virtual campus days, please contact for further information.



We would love to have you visit one of our official campus days on one of the following dates:


  • Thursday, October 28th – Friday, October 29th
  • Thursday, November 18th – Friday November 19th


  • Thursday, April 22nd – Friday, April 23rd
  • Thursday, May 5th – Friday, May 6th

You’ll experience at Campus Days:

  • Have your questions answered in class
  • Hang out with our students in the dorm
  • What it’s like to stay overnight in our dorms
  • Taste the delicious food served in our dining hall
  • See ministries you can get involved in
  • Get to know our dedicated missionary staff
  • Be spiritually impacted by chapel and devos

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Personal Campus Visit

Can’t make it to campus days? Schedule your own visit!

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